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Valentine’s Day came & went this year, but not before we could take full advantage of a very rare thing around here: a free Saturday. We thought what better day than Valentine’s to venture out for cupcakes (as if you need an excuse, amiright)!? We headed downtown to the South Carolina based Cupcake Down South. Maybe it’s the fact that an old Fleetwood Mac album has been playing on our record player recently, but we’ve been feeling nostalgic & brought along something a little different this time…an old pocket instamatic camera. There is something so much fun about those vintage cameras in all their grainy glory.
IMG_1098_1_blog IMG_1101_1_blogYou’ve got to take time to stop & smell the flowers!
IMG_1122_1_blog IMG_1022_1_blog IMG_1124_1_blog IMG_0998_BLOG_blog 1011095255_blog IMG_1013_1_blog IMG_1030_1_blog IMG_1041_!_blog 1011095718_blog IMG_1061_1_blog 1011095783_blog IMG_1058_1_blog IMG_1080_1_blog IMG_1084_1_blogSugary sweets are few and far between around our house, so obviously this was quite the treat! But even more than Zoey, it was clear that all the passersby enjoyed this Valentine’s Day experience.

P&W Photography are Phil & Whitney Mayhew, a husband/wife team located in Nebraska & documenting the good life throughout the Midwest. P&W Photography are non-traditional, storytelling photographers who specialize in lifestyle & documentary-inspired photography, making it their goal to capture authentic moments & genuine emotions. They are always eager to travel to new places & meet new people. Phil enjoys tacos & cheeseburgers. Probably too much. Also pizza. He loves listening to vinyl records & walking the cobblestone streets of Charleston. Above all, he is grateful for undeserved Love. Whitney is fueled by fashion & essential oils. She's a Southern Belle with the sweetest accent this side of the Mississippi. She loves vintage jewelry & cannot bear the thought of passing a farmers market without stopping. ​Phil & Whitney are parents to two incredible little girls & a sweet Morkie pup. They recently fulfilled their dream of restoring an old, historic building & their love of antiques will likely lead to their television debut on A&E's Hoarders.

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